Gimme a damn dollar!

A reasonable and straightforward request which you should comply with immediately.

Hi there! Have you ever thought to yourself "I should do something nice for someone today", and then wondered how to accomplish that with little to no personal effort whatsoever? I'm sure you have. Well, you're in luck. If the pinnacle of your efforts to change the world was when you shared the Kony2012 video, then was made for you.Our concept is simple:

                          It's so easy! Try it now:

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Why should I give you a dollar?"

Why not? A dollar isn't very much money these days, and after Paypal takes their fee, it's not even going to be enough for a cup of coffee. Your dollar, plus someone else's, will probably actually be enough to get a cup of coffee. Are you the kind of person who wouldn't buy another person half a cup of coffee? I certainly don't think that about you. Don't prove me wrong.

"How do I know you won't use that money on booze or drugs?

You don't! But hey, let's be honest here: a buck doesn't buy much in either booze OR drugs, so I'd probably have to scrape up a few dollars just to get a quart of malt liquor. You can take solace in the fact that your individual dollar could never buy me booze or drugs by itself, and that's what's really important here, right?

"Is my dollar tax deductible?"

I have no idea. I guess it depends on how creative your accountant is.

"Who are you?"

Just a lowly web guy trying to make my way through the world on the kindness of strangers.

We guarantee that 100% of your donations will NOT be used to support third world dictators or people who dump nuclear waste in the ocean.

You don't support dumping nuclear waste in the ocean, do you?

Heard enough? Then give it a try!

"But I'm a cheap bastard who wouldn't just send a dollar to some guy on the internet!"

Well then, you can be a minimally decent human being by simply clicking one or all of the three buttons below. I won't redirect you to an affirmation page about how awesome you are, but at least you can leave this experience still feeling like you did SOME good.